The health benefits of hard seltzer

As Splash Co-owner Olympia Valance says, “I love to wind down at the end of a long work week with a cocktail, but this doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice my health in the process.”

Some of our favourite drinks leave us feeling worse for wear and frankly, a little guilty. There’s no need to worry with Splash Vodka, whose seltzers are tasty and clean.

Hard seltzers are thriving in Australia right now, and there’s good reason for it, too. They’re fun, fizzy, fresh, flavourful and the perfect drink for summer, but what exactly are they?

You may have heard the word buzzing around from last year, as this American-derived beverage has well and truly caught our attention. The word ‘seltzer’ is a term used to describe soda water. So, you can only guess what ‘hard seltzer’ is. Mixed with spirits and flavoured with natural fruit, this clever drink is the answer to a canned alcoholic soda. Including gin, tequila or vodka, this beverage is designed to be light and fresh, just like the classic Vodka Lime Soda.

So, what are the health benefits of hard seltzer? We can name a few.

1. Hydrating

You know what they say… hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Often, our favourite alcoholic beverages can leave us feeling dry and pretty thirsty. Thankfully, seltzers can be as hydrating as water, as it is simply water and carbon dioxide. Once it hits your tummy, the water and the gas separate, hydrating you as normal. Hydration is super important for regulating temperature, increasing energy and flushing out toxins. With these benefits, hard seltzer stands out from the rest of the alcoholic beverages on the market

2. Non-sugary

Ever wondered how much sugar you’re actually consuming in your standard alcoholic beverage? For a lot of pre-mixed drinks, the level of sugar is through the roof. However, many seltzers brands, like Splash Vodka, produce low-level or zero sugar drinks. Sugary drinks can have serious long term health effects, such as tooth decay, inflammation, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also have smaller but harmful repercussions like skin problems, mood fluctuation, joint pay and a general decrease in your energy levels. Thankfully, hard seltzers combat this issue when it comes to choosing an alcoholic drink. Without skimping on the taste, Splash Vodka uses the natural flavouring in fresh fruit instead of adding sugar – leaving you with a clean and delicious can of seltzer.

3. Natural ingredients

You’ll often find a heck of a lot of added sweeteners and chemicals in your standard zero-sugar pre-mixed drinks. Who wants to compromise sugar for something artificial and potentially even worse? This is where hard seltzers truly save the day. By extracting the amazing flavours from real fruits we all love, there’s nothing artificial going on. The beauty of a seltzer lies in its simplicity, as it’s basically only the essence of fruit mixed with alcoholic sparkling water. This makes for a scrumptiously light beverage.

If you’re thinking of switching over to the hard seltzer train, this is your sign. Whether you’re after something healthier or more natural, this little beauty is chock a block with health benefits.