Why choose Splash Vodka?

Are you looking for a refreshing beverage that’s both tasty and clean? Look no further than a can of Splash Vodka.

If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that we all dearly miss catching up with friends over a drink (or a few). So, Splash has expertly packaged that iconic cocktail experience into a neat little can. Whether you prefer good ol’ zesty Vodka Lime Soda or the more fruity flavours, Splash is guaranteed to have you feeling funky-fresh. Here’s why.

1. Delicious variety of flavours

Let’s face it – not everyone’s going to agree on their favourite drink. That’s why Splash offers four epic flavours, so you’ll be sure to please all of your friends’ differing taste buds. The Vodka Lime Soda is an undeniable classic, with a refreshing and zesty punch. And of course, you can’t go past a fruity Vodka Raspberry Soda either, which is made to taste exactly like the famous bar menu staple.

If you’re looking for something a little more innovative, why not try Splash’s newest flavour range? The Vodka Orange Passionfruit and the Vodka Watermelon Pomegranate both combine two fierce flavours to make one extraordinary can of seltzer.

2. The taste of natural goodness 

When it comes to using only real ingredients, Splash doesn’t just talk the talk. It only makes sense to source mouth-watering flavours from the natural fruits themselves. That means none of those pesky added sugars, sweeteners or artificial flavours. Sometimes our favourite wines, beers and cocktails can often leave us feeling guilty and worse for wear. Thankfully, these incredibly clean, low calorie Splash Vodka seltzers are the answer we all needed.

3. Made locally in Victoria 

Your drink always tastes better when you know exactly where it’s come from. That’s why Splash is made locally, produced right here in Victoria. It’s important to feel good about your purchase, and Splash feels the same. Say goodbye to nasty surprises and hello to full transparency. Plus, it’s made in small batch production, to preserve the amazing quality and authenticity of the seltzer recipe. For anyone after a brilliant seltzer with plenty of local charm, Splash is where it’s at. 

4. Versatile, convenient and an awesome mixer 

Available in a ready-to-go four-pack, Splash is wonderfully convenient to pick up on the way to a friend’s dinner party or drinks. For a more relaxed setting, simply grab a can and enjoy. Or, if you’re wanting to spice things up, Splash makes for a great drink mixer. Find a cute glass and add your favourite cocktail ingredients to make a sophisticated beverage for you and your friends. We suggest adding raspberries, lime slices, watermelon, pomegranate, orange and passionfruit to compliment the original cans. Whether you have friends coming over or you’re enjoying a quiet night in, a can of Splash is your ideal companion.   

You may be wondering how you can get your hands on a thirst-quenching can of Splash. Luckily, they’re readily available at selected BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores, which you can explore on the website’s stockist locator. Or, feel free to purchase directly through the Splash Vodka website, with easy shipping and delivery. Enjoy!